Privacy Policy

Last Updated – 1 September 2023

Ahoy there! Before you cast your line into our digital ocean, let’s have a quick chat about privacy. Much like a good fish tale, we promise to keep this short, sweet, and maybe a tad humorous.

1. What We’re Fishing For

When you visit, we might ask for some specifics. Whether you’re after our legendary newsletter, joining our club, or signing up for our annual tournament – we’re all about making things reel easy.

2. The Bigger Catch (More Info We Reel In)

  • Membership Details: When you sign up, we’ll need your name, contact details, and payment info. Much like prepping your gear for a big day out, we need the right details to get you started.
  • Tournament Tidbits: Registering for our annual event? We’ll ask for your contact info, dietary needs (for the presentation evening), clothing size (for the Ribbons shirt you’ll be flaunting), and payment details.

3. How We Use Your Info

  • Newsletters: These come loaded with fishing tips, recipes, and Ribbons’ secrets.
  • Membership Management: To send you updates, bill you correctly, and ensure you’re getting all the club perks.
  • Tournament Updates: Keeping you informed about schedules, special instructions, and making sure we’ve got a delicious meal and a perfect-fit shirt waiting for you.
  • Improving Our Site: Let’s keep things as smooth as the water on a glass-out.

4. Sharing Your Catch

Your secrets are safer with us, than that secret fishing spot! We don’t sell, trade, or share your info. Period. We only spill the beans when the law throws us a curveball.

5. Guarding The Treasure (Data Security)

Your data is locked away and secure. We’ve got safeguards, tech tricks, and magic spells (okay, maybe not spells) to ensure your info stays in the safe and secure.

6. The One That Got Away! (Opting Out)

Change your mind about our newsletter? No hard feelings. At any stage you can “cut the line” (unsubscribe) with a link at the bottom of the email. We hope you’ll stick around though!

7. Fresh Updates

Every now and then, we update this policy. It’s like changing bait – sometimes needed to stay ahead of the game. We’ll make sure to let you know when we do.

8. Queries & Confusions

Got questions? Want to share a secret fish recipe? Reach out at We’re all ears – and fins!