Ribbons Ladies Game Fishing Club


The Ribbons Ladies Gamefishing Club is an all-female Angler Club based in Cairns, North Queensland, affiliated with the Queensland Game Fishing Association (QGFA) and the Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA).

These associations play an active part in the leadership of the sport of game fishing on a World level.

What do these associations do?

Ribbons as a club runs a fishing tournament on the first Saturday of December and has done since 1984. The tournament is targeted to include juniors and women new to fishing and is encompassed by its aim of fun friendship and fishing. During the year we run fund-raising events to help with the cost of the tournament and we aim to keep entry fees low. Ribbons is a not-for-profit club, runs under a constitution, and is incorporated for public liability reasons.


As the Queensland-based representative body they are responsible for overseeing the fishing activities of the QLD clubs.

They undertake:

  • Administrative duties involved with the maintenance of State records for Male, Female and Juniors for land, fly, and offshore fishing records, Records fish captures, and collates tag reports.
  • Support local clubs with club structures, instructional tackle, and how-to nights and social functions.
  • Coordinate competitions or tournaments Intra and inter-club within the state.
  • Provide representation as an active voice for recreational fishermen to have access to and an equitable share in fishing resources.
  • Newsletter
  • Recognition for members to be recognised in interstate tournaments
  • Research and education


As the national body it oversees the state activities as well as

  • Being responsible for Australian record catches
  • International representation on IGFA and at seminars and meetings.
  • Produces GFAA Journal each year for each member
  • Research foundation
  • Introduces ethical and conservational fishing

What’s it all mean?

While being able to fish our Ribbons Tournament you can also enter any other tournaments in Australia without needing to join their club. The politics of fishery resource management and recreational fishing demand an organised approach. These associations provide this.

So if you like game fishing and you and your children want to be able to continue fishing into the future becoming a member of Ribbons gives some hope that our fishing resources will still be available. Hopefully, along the way, you will have years of Fun Friendship and Fishing.